It’s been a while..

So the blog has been something that comes up on my screen everyday as one of my default tabs – and each time I see it I think about the things I should be posting and how I should keep the content current and relevant.  Unfortunately, those things don’t happen by magic *sigh*, but I’m determined to start updating the blog with information I can link to from the Facebook page (where most of our traffic is).

Much has happened, and much is still to happen with Gower Image Works, and so 2015 should bring a more business-focused approach as we actually make an effort to put ourselves out there.  Starting with this entry.

Owen & Celyn Engagement

The weather was always going to be a challenge with this one. With weeks of sustained storms and bad weather, we just had to pick a date and time and hope for the best!

The location was Cefn Sidan beach, at we had a good 7 or 8 minutes of shooting time before suddenly being overtaken by rain and then stinging hail. I didn’t even see it coming until I was being smacked in the face, desperately trying to shield my head and camera with my reflector.

Anyway, Owen and Celyn laughed off the wet and wind and maintained their cheery-ness and we got some great shots.

Typical Welsh weather, typical Welsh pragmatism

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Camera Phones

Most photographers seem to really dislike the recent explosion of decent camera phones and their associated apps.  Why?  Because they feel that the creativity and skill behind creating an image is being cheapened or circumvented.  I can kind of see that – good, pleasing results can quickly be achieved and shared, and because most of what we see is now digitally consumed, it can be tough to tell on a small screen the differences between a shot taken and edited on a phone, and one shot with an expensive DSLR and edited on a powerful computer.

Believing such results can be achieved cheaply and “by anyone” does indeed lower the value of a professional’s service, but that doesn’t mean that a professional’s work shouldn’t actually blow any phone-created image out of the water, nor that a photographer shouldn’t be prepared to use all tools at their disposal, including camera phones, to advance their craft and client base.

So, I’m happy to use whatever tools I have available – including my Nokia 1520 as seen below.

Collage and effects created on the Nokia 1520

These images were taken with the 20mp Pureview, Zeiss optics camera on the Nokia, and edited with the Nokia Creative Studio app.  The Seashell filter was applied, I used radial and tilt/shift focus, crop, rotate, vibrancy and clarity edits then put them into a collage.  I threw in a shot taken with the flash to show that mobile phones can get it wrong.

The result looks good – and the number of “Likes” I had on Facebook represents that (I recognize that having a cute subject helps!).  Personally, as a pixel-peeper, I wouldn’t print this any bigger than a 4×6, but if I’d done the same with my SLT I’d happily go 16×20 at least – but instead of 5 minutes, it would have taken me the best part of an hour to construct start to finish.

To conclude, I wouldn’t use a camera phone to deliver work to our clients, but they are handy for producing quick images (that do have some value) that you can share online to build awareness.

Christina, Jacob & Bentley

We met up with Christina, Jacob & Bentley at Old Chicago’s for some food and introductions before heading off to some open space to take advantage of the late evening sun.  I have known both Jacob and Christina for a number of years but hadn’t met their new addition, Bentley, so we were thrilled to be doing some shots with them.  Ably assisted by Nicole (and at times Rhys and Jacob!), we made use of the setting sun to capture a variety of different shots.  We probably won’t get to see them for quite a while and that bums me out, but we’ll keep in touch and I hope to one day photograph them over in the UK.

Christina, Jacob, Bentley


The writer JC Lynne

A former colleague of Nicole’s and a family friend, Julia is forging a new career in writing. A former English teacher, she writes fiction, and creative non-fiction. Her current novel, The Esau Emergence, is a science based thriller about genetic engineering and stem cell research, and I can’t wait to read it on my kindle.

She is a member of the Northern Colorado Writers, and she was doing a public reading of her recent book The Esau Emergence, and a personal narrative. I went along to listen, and to support her at the Oak St Plaza in Fort Collins. And I also took some photos 🙂

Read her blog at:

Follow her on FaceBook at:

JC Lynne reading fiction
JC Lynne reading from The Esau Emergence in Ft Collins, CO
JC Lynne personal narrative
JC Lynne reading her personal narrative about her daughter (in the background)

McElroy family, Fort Collins

The McElroy’s are the family we’ve used for Rhys’ daycare for about 17 months and we love them!  Lindsey is a brave soul taking on several kids as well as her own two, Gavin and Camden, and Rhys has grown to be great friends with them.  It’s been fascinating watching him grow up there, learning all kinds of new words and good behaviors, and it’s with great sadness that we are leaving them this year.

To thank both Lindsey and Ryan and the boys, Nic and I took them out in Fort Collins to get some photos.  Gavin was devastated that we didn’t have Rhys with us, and took a lot of coaxing to get some cooperation and a smile out of him – poor guy!  Anyway, as with all family shoots, we had a lot of fun and *eventually* got some decent shots.

McElroy Family

Let’s get started!

Indeed!  Summer is here, my new baby daughter has arrived, my son is constructing sentences and my wife is ready to dive into a new adventure with me!  A part-time photographer for the last few years, we are about to decamp to Wales in the UK (from Fort Collins Colorado) where Nic and I will be venturing forth as a husband & wife photography team.  Exciting times, nervous times good times 🙂

So, I’ll introduce myself – my name is Gawain, I love creating images through photography.  My wife Nicole is my soul mate with a talent for spotting photographic moments I might miss. My son Rhys (2.5y) and my daughter Nia (0.027y) are the most remarkable things I’ve ever had the fortune to experience.  We are Team Chartier-Roberts and we’d love to help tell your story with our photography.

And here’s a photo of my new daughter Nia – because she’s cute and has been very well behaved since arriving 10 days ago 🙂Image